OTD Energy 2023


From OMV to OTD Energy
Alexandra Makrygiannis


Alexandra Makrygiannis is the new manager of Norway’s largest annual energy exhibition, OTD Energy.

She has a master’s degree in petroleum geoscience from NTNU and has worked for OMV for the last eight years. During her time there, she also spent several years in Abu Dhabi, where she was responsible for Business Development and stakeholder management. For the past two years, she has been working with operated exploration licences.

– In the Middle East, I had to adapt to understand the industry there. The ability to adapt will be a key to success at OTD as well. I’m not going to change what already works, but I think I can add some new ideas, says Makrygiannis.

In addition, Makrygiannis has been active in the Young Professionals initiative and a committee member for several high-profile conferences.

OTD Energy is organized every year in October, and has alternated between Bergen and Stavanger for more than twenty years. In the autumn, the exhibition is back in Stavanger Forum. In the months leading up to October, Alexandra will make her mark at Norway’s largest annual energy exhibition:

– I am really looking forward to contributing in a more direct way in OTD Energy. In larger companies, you naturally have to go through several stages in order to bring about change and achieve success. It is very motivating for me to be involved in value creation and to build something that I can see turn into concrete results.

– Alexandra shares the same vision for OTD Energy as we do. She comes from the industry and knows both the challenges and the opportunities that lie in the future for the energy industry, says Odd Eide Knudsen in OTD Energy.

Odd Eide Knudsen
Odd Eide Knudsen