OTD Energy 2023


Energy, Technology and Sustainability

Energy, Technology and Sustainability

OTD ENERGY was established in 1999 by and for the suppliers in the offshore industry. The fair has since developed into the leading meeting place for Norwegian companies in the oil, energy and offshore industry.

OTD ENERGY aims to be a tool for Norwegian suppliers. We will facilitate networking between companies, connect buyers and suppliers, establish collaboration and expand personal networks. Surveys show that OTD ENERGY is one of the leading fairs measured in terms of concluded contracts and relevant visits.

Business opportunities
The coming years will be good for Norwegian offshore suppliers, with large developments and high activity. Around 80% of the world’s industrial energy today comes from fossil energy sources. At the same time, there are significant political initiatives to replace fossil energy sources with sustainable, renewable and green solutions. Technology and innovation will play a central role in the transition. Existing and new technology will have new applications and innovation will be driven by private players who see new market opportunities.

Business opportunities in energy, technology and sustainability are the themes for OTD Energy 2023 in Stavanger.

The new energy industry
In the new energy industry, petroleum will be replaced over time with renewable energy sources. In this transition, petroleum will play an important role in terms of energy security. The energy industry will make new demands on the players and innovation and technology-driven companies will be the winners. The transformation will require a significant focus on innovation and technology, a focus that will primarily come from suppliers and private players.

Traditional energy companies will have to renew themselves and break out of old business models. Those who are unable to renew themselves will be replaced by new players. The energy companies must use their capital, knowledge and supplier network to drive innovation and develop renewable energy solutions.

Sustainability, decarbonisation, carbon capture, energy efficiency and lower emissions will be among many new business opportunities.

OTD ENERGY 2023 Stavanger

Exploring Energy, Technology and Sustainability.

Close to 500 exhibitors, 1,000 ENA meetings and several hundred professional lectures are planned across four exhibition halls in Stavanger.

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