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B2B meetings between buyers and suppliers

NPF EnergyHub

How does it work?

EnergyHub meetings are booked in advance through a separate registration form for the exhibitors.

NPF EnergyHub

NPF EnergyHub (formerly BusinessHub) is structured one-to-one B2B meetings between energy companies, contractors and suppliers. It is the fifth year that EnergyHub has been organized. Over the past few years, several thousand meetings have been held between customers and suppliers and this has led to several significant contracts. The meetings are facilitated by the Norwegian Petroleum Association (NPF) in collaboration with OTD Energy.

EnergyHub is an effective way for buyers and exhibitors to meet, build networks and find new customers or business partners. EnergyHub is a popular offer among buyers and suppliers alike, and the concept underpins OTD Energy’s aim to be the leading arena for networking and business opportunities.

It is a phenomenon of innovation that occurs at the intersection of multiple fields, disciplines, and cultures, by combining existing concepts to create excellent, innovative ideas.

The Medici Effect

Effective meetings

Project managers and buyers are always looking for new technologies, suppliers, cost-saving solutions and effective ways to solve new and old challenges. At EnergyHub, project managers and buyers can effectively meet a large number of suppliers in an efficient and pleasant social setting.

Why companies should attend

Operators and contractor companies can benefit from participating in EnergyHub for several reasons. We give you the top 5 reasons.

EnergyHub gives buyers the opportunity to meet a large number of companies in a short time and make contact with potential partners, start-up companies or suppliers. This can open the door to new business opportunities, collaborations or strategic alliances that can contribute to growth and innovation.

By meeting different startups or smaller companies in a short period of time, you can assess their products, technology or business models to determine whether it is worth pursuing further.

EnergyHub can also give companies an insight into the latest technology, trends or ideas that start-ups and suppliers bring to the table. This can be a source of inspiration for own innovation and help keep companies competitive and relevant in a constantly changing business environment.

Participation in EnergyHub increases the company’s presence and attractiveness in the industry. This can help to strengthen the company’s reputation and create opportunities for future cooperation or business relationships.

EnergyHub meetings are designed to be short and concise, with a focus on making the most of the available time. This makes it possible to meet more potential partners or investment opportunities in a short time, which can be more effective than traditional meetings or negotiations that can take longer to arrange.

Confirmed Companies:

  • Aibel
  • Moreld Apply
  • NOV


  • Oceaneering
  • OMV
  • Vår Energi


Would you like more information on how your company can take part in EnergyHub? Contact us within 30th August:

Alexandra Makrygiannis
Project director
Telephone: 0047 454 36 887
E-mail: am@otdenergy.com


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