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Business opportunities on the NCS

Adapting to changing market forces

Time: Wednesday 18. October 2023
Location: Hall C 
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The major challenges faced by the oil and gas industry are in terms of reducing costs, optimizing the performance of its industrial base assets, and enhancing its environmental footprint due to the rising global demand, highly fluctuating pricing, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Throughout history, challenges like this have represented business opportunities for Norwegian petroleum suppliers. The Norwegian continental shelf has been a leader in implementing new innovative technologies that have later become important export items.

At the OTD Energy Conference, we look at the activity and business opportunities on the Norwegian continental shelf in the coming years. We invite operators, contractors and suppliers to present their thoughts and visions on further development of the shelf, and where the business opportunities lie ahead.

Conference programme

10.00 - 11.00

Welcome by moderator

Ulf Rosenberg, Energy Advisor

Fueling the Future: Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities on the NCS

Global inflation, war in Ukraine, public pressure to scale back fossil fuel expansion and a weak Norwegian krone. These are some of the challenges facing the players in the Norwegian petroleum industry and the consequences are delays in several investment decisions. As a major licensee with ownership in 35 producing fields, how does Petoro see the development of the NCS. What are the possibilities for a mature continental shelf?

Kristin Kragseth, CEO Petoro

The Petroleum Market

We are experiencing a petroleum industry with high activity and continued willingness to invest. At the same time, we are approaching development projects for offshore wind and other renewable technologies. What will the energy market look like in the next few years and how should the companies position themselves nationally and internationally?

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Senior Partner & Deputy CEO Rystad Energy

Green Industries: We are developing the energy industry of tomorrow on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

The Norwegian turnover related to offshore wind, hydrogen and CCS was NOK 46 billion in 2021. The offshore industry's growth in green turnover has until now mainly been driven by activity in the offshore wind market, and 90 per cent of the income in 2021 came from exports and sales from Norwegian companies abroad. When will the domestic market arrive?

Benedicte Solaas, Director, Climate and Environment, Offshore Norge

11.00 - 12.00


The supplier industry chart new courses

Solve the unsolvable with engineered solutions

As the NCS is entering a more mature phase, new issues with aging assets in operational fields appear. Also the increasing demand to reduce emissions from petroleum production create new challenges for Norwegian operators and suppliers. Oceaneering will use engineering to tackle issues ranging from aging subsea installations to electrifying production with microgrids and offshore wind.

Gunnar Hilsen, Oceaneering

Next generation digitalization

How will new high-tech solutions affect existing and new fields, what is Industry 4.0 and how can suppliers join the digitization race? Yggdrasil is the next major development on the Norwegian continental shelf. Siemens Energy has been given the task of equipping the field with future digitization solutions.

Edmund Knutsen, Digitalisation Yggdrasil Project, Siemens Energy

The suppliers' opportunities and challenges: navigating the energy transition

Rosenberg Worley has delivered projects for 125 years. Downturns have been replaced by upturns. The company is currently in a boom after securing the contract for construction of two modules for the new central platform on the Valhall field in the North Sea, a contract valued at NOK 1.6 billion. We invite the VP Commercial to talk about the company's strategy in a market full of challenges and opportunities.

Tomas Brårmo, Vice President Commercial, Rosenberg Worley

Breathing New Life into Offshore Installations

Framo is going heavily into the operation and modification market and is currently rolling out its new business unit Life Extension Services. Even before launch, the company has secured contracts worth several hundred million kroner. How to optimize maintenance on existing equipment and what is Framos' strategy for its new business unit?

Terje Kalvig, Leader, Framo Life-Extension Services

12.00 - 12.30


12.30 - 13.30


Inspirational front runners

Yggdrasil - the next major development

Aker BP presents Yggdrasil - the next major development on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Johan Mohr - Head of Supply Chain Aker BP

Vår Energy - the Star of the North


Vår Energy has been one of the most active companies on the Norwegian continental shelf recently, with acquisitions of Neptune Energy and the CCS company Feistein CCS. After several discoveries in the Barents Sea, the company sees significant growth opportunities in the region. Vår Energy has secured the COSL Prospector for two years for drilling in the area, and is collaborating with GoliatVind AS aiming at utilizing the existing power from shore infrastructure for a new offshore wind farm near Goliat. What are the challenges and opportunities in the Barents Sea, and what is the company's strategy for the northern regions?

Vegard Bruaset – VP Barents Sea Vår Energi

The NCS Exploration Champion

Norway's oldest oil company, DNO, is emerging as the major exploration expert on the Norwegian continental shelf. The company has made discoveries on all of its last five wells and recently, the largest hydrocarbon discovery since Johan Castberg in 2013. What is the secret behind the exploration success and what are the company's plans and visions for the NCS. We invite DNO Norge's Managing Directorto share his thoughts.

Ørjan Gjerde, Managing Director DNO Norge AS

Thinking Outside the Box

Espen Ørland is working full time with recruitment for SLB in Scandinavia, with three diagnoses and Aspergers syndrome being one of them. His super power is to read people, and is passionate about mental health. Espen knows how to inspire people to unlock their true potential, and understand the value of connecting with people for them to maximise their talents. How can we improve the direction of the energy industry by thinking outside the box like Espen is capable of doing?

Espen Ørland, Talent Acquisition Lead SLB

Summary and closing

Ulf Rosenberg, Energy Advisor



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